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high angle photo of starfish on person s hands

High and Low Tide at the Beach — lovely and grateful

Surfing is not the only thing to do with the changing tides! Have you ever checked out the tide-pools? This blog by The Lovely and Grateful is such a beautiful reminder of the precious times spent with family! Check out their full post by clicking below! With the […]

silhouette of man with oil lamp on shore at sunset

Surf News- Oil Spill — Orange County Register

If you’ve been keeping up with SoCal Surf News, then you know about a large Oil Spill that happened recently. Is it safe to surf in the water right now? And what is the latest update on the Spill? Check out Orange County Register for the answers! Wild […]

crashing wave on sea

First Time Surfing? Here’s What We Learned — TrailNetizen

Need tips on how to get started with surfing? Look no further because TrailNetizen did the research and testing for you! Read this post not only for a summary of the experience, but also for a list of things you will need to get started! Click here for […]

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